App-evaluation by Coby Formaggio

What is fooducate?

Fooducate is a one-of a kind app designed to inform users about food nutrition, and help keep us on healthy diet. Simply search for your favorite snack, and you'll discover how bad it really is...

What information does Fooducate give about selected foods?

If you want Fooducate to evaluate a certain product, you can first search for it, or you can simply scan the barcode of the product! Fooducate will provide basic information such as the nutrition and ingredients. Most importantly, Fooducate gives the product a letter grade. This makes it easy to evaluate and compare your favorite snacks without any nutritional knowlage! In adittion, Fooducate explains why the product deserves that grade, and even shows some healthier alternatives. Eating nutritional food has never been easier!
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Can Fooducate help me stay on a diet?

Of course! You can tell Fooducate if you want to loose weight or keep track of calories. Assuming you enter all your meals onto the app, Fooducate will help you achieve the goal. Fooducate will tell you how many calories you "have left" on any give day. In addition, your exercise is taken into account, and calories are subtracted accordingly. Foodpoints are a calculation done on select products. Foodpoints help people who want to loose weight choose nutritional meals.

What else does Fooducate offer?

One fun feature on this app is the daily tips, which are daily articles posted by the Fooducate team relating to food and nutrition. A recent daily tip shocked me when I learned that bananas are becoming extinct! On a happier note, Fooducate also has a chat feature, which serves as Instagram for cuisine! You can share your thoughts on junky snacks, and find remarkable stories of weight-loss. There is even a page for sharing healthy, mouth-watering recipes!
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Is Fooducate Perfect?

Almost, but not quite! Fooducate is a free version, so some features (such as GMO information) are not available. In addition, Fooducate isn't great for people who mainly consume homemade food. For example, if you ate lentil soup for dinner, you have to either find a packaged lentil soup similar to yours, or you have to enter each ingredient! Also, some of the alternatives are quite a bit different from the original product. My final complaint is that the app only works in the United States, so you can't access it while traveling. (I personally find that my nutrition plummets on vacation.)
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Should I get Fooducate?

In the end, it's up to you. However, the answer is clearly yes. Whether you want to lose eighty pounds, try new recipes, or you just want to find out if your snacks are actually healthy , Fooducate is for you! Fooducate's grading system and its access to alternative products make exceedingly it user-friendly. Half the problem with unhealthy eating is that consumers have no clue that they are eating junk, and Fooducate is here to fix that!
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