Puritanism and Government

By:Ben, Colton, Daniel, Paulo, Imelda

Puritans coming to the New World

The puritans came to the New world in 1630 because they were being persecuted in England so they wanted to have freedom of religion by being free from the Church of England.

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Puritan Beliefs

  1. Total Depravity - Because of Adam and Eve's fall, Everyone is born a sinner -(concept of Original Sin).

  2. Unconditional Election - God "saves" the people who he wishes to save - only the few who he picks for salvation

  3. Limited Atonement - Jesus died for the the people he chose or selected only,he did not die for everyone everyone.

  4. Irresistible Grace - God's grace is given freely to people , You can not be given Gods grace or denied Gods grace.

  5. Perseverance of the "saints" - those who are chosen by God have full power to interpret or translate the will of God, and to live an uprightly or holy life.

Puritan Faith

Puritans would not tolerate others faiths. If you didn't agree with them, you could be killed and discriminated against.


Predestination is the belief that because God is all powerful, all knowing, and completely sovereign that all people have their destiny determined by God before they are even born. Whether they will go to Heaven or be condemned regardless of the persons actions.

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Forces undermining Puritanism in the 1600s.

  1. Some puritans started to disbelieve in predestination.

  2. Other theologians preached that individual free will, not predestination, determined a person's fate.

  3. The Great Awakening weakened the Puritan church.

  4. Other churches stated that spiritual conversion was not necessary for church membership, which lead many people to leave puritanism.

  5. Puritan society was very strict for many people.

Theocracy and affecting the view of Salem residents toward witchcraft

Theocracy is a system of government based on religion, where everything is ruled by religious leaders. This affected Salem in which citizens were suspicious about witchcraft, and whoever was accused of it was thought as an evil person that sides with the devil. So many people who were accused were executed because of those beliefs.
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Puritan government and ours today

The puritan government was theocracy and was all based on religion . There was many types of theocracy government . The United states has a federal government . The federal government has 3 branches ; Executive, Legislative, Judicial.