5th Grade Focus

March, 2017

Pamplin Park- April 5th

Our big 5th grade field trip is scheduled for April 5th. We will be meeting at MVES at 6:00 am, come into the school that morning and sit in the cafeteria with your homeroom. You will need to pick up and sign out your child at 6:00 pm that evening. Students will need to bring a packed lunch (if they signed up for that) and a snack if desired. Bought lunches will be put together by our cafeteria staff. Students should wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes as we'll be walking throughout the whole field trip. Please determine how the weather will be in Petersburg, and whether or not your child may need an extra set of clothes or an umbrella.

5th Grade Finale

Our fifth grade finale date is still being finalized. All 5th grade awards will be given out at the 5th grade Finale. 5th graders will attend the end of the year Awards Ceremony, but will not be receiving awards that day. This will hopefully help parents not have to take off two days of work.

Our dress code for this will be a t-shirt given to students with their graduating class from TA and all of their classmates' names listed on the back. We will be wearing these during our finale. Students are free to wear jeans, khakis, or any type of bottom that matches school dress code. It's our hope in letting you know now about the t-shirts to prevent anyone from having to spend time to "find nice, new clothes" for the ceremony.

We also ask that students stay for the remainder of the school day to participate in a T-shirt signing/ 5th grade celebration.


Baby Pictures

We will have a special video presentation at the 5th Grade Finale, so we are asking you to send in one baby (less than 2 yrs old) picture of your child in a ziploc bag with your child's name on it by the end of April.

Important Dates and Reminders

4/5: Pamplin Park
4/10- 4/17: Spring Break
5/9: VA Studies SOL
5/12: Science SOL
5/22- 5/23: Reading SOL
5/25: Math SOL
****Dates still being finalized for Field day and 5th Finale
6/8: Awards Ceremony


We are currently working in our geometry and measurement unit. This past week we learned how to classify quadrilaterals and triangles! If you desire, for extra practice, email or send in a note to your child's math teacher for a math game we've been using in class or go onto https://www.ixl.com/signin/rcps and look at skills BB.3, BB.4, EE.1, EE.4, and EE.5. We will be having a mid year a practice math test on May 3rd. For night time practice, if desired, have your student practice their math facts at: https://www.reflexmath.com/


It is imperative that your student read for 20 minutes nightly. This continue of reading outside of the classroom allows for vocabulary growth and for application of skills we use in reading class. The best way to become a better read, is to read more! For fun things to do with nightly reading check out: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/25-activities-reading-and-writing-fun

Science and Social Studies

In Science for Mr. Trice's and Ms. Sandridge's homerooms, students are finishing up the Matter unit and our next unit of study will deal with Light and Sound. After this we will be moving into 4th and 5th grade science review in preparation of our Science SOL.

In Social Studies for Ms. Bunch and Mr. Routzahn's homerooms, students are finishing up how Virginia grew economically since the 1900s and famous 20th century Virginians like Harry F. Byrd, Maggie Walker, Arthur Ashe, Linwood Holton, Douglas Wilder, Woodrow Wilson, and George Marshall. Ask your student about their green screen videos.