6th Grade Technology at Lineville

By: Jacki Szelagowski

Typing Web

  • In the beginning of class you do a 5 minute typing warm-up.
  • Typing Web helps you improve your skills and makes you a better typer.
  • I think Typing Web is a great website because it teaches you good fundamentals in typing and improves your typing in a short amount of time.


  • We get to choose any topic you would like to do your trailer on.
  • you can choose the genre you would like to choose. Examples: Family, Fairy Tale, Retro, Narrative, Scary etc.
  • It is a fun project because you can remake a memory from photos and create a new memory while doing the iTrailor.

Haiku Deck

  • We get to make a Haiku deck of your dream job.
  • It is fun researching interesting facts about your job and just learning things about your dream job.
  • Your Haiku can be as many slides as you want it to be, but with a minimum of 10 slides.
  • you can make it your own by changing the background color or picture, font color or layout.

Explain Everything

  • Using Explain Everything you demonstrated how to solve a math problem.
  • You got to choose from like 10 different problems listed.
  • I like using Explain Everything because there are so many tools you can use to make your presentation better.
  • We have to include photos for a visual.
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Career locker

  • Your research in 6th grade is deeper. You learn the cost of tuition, dorms,and book fees. You also read information about the job.
  • In 6th grade you take more test that show you what you like, your interests and what you might want to be when you grow up.
  • You can still create an avatar and now there is a competition in 6th grade were you try to find a superhero hidden in one of the jobs page.


  • I enjoyed coding because there is different coding selections. One of the popular ones to play is Minecraft.
  • You watch videos to learn how to use the codes peaces.
  • At the end if you finish all the levels you can create your own design using the coding blocks.