Ms. Ajmera's Class

Inspiring Students To Think with Depth and Complexity

November 16, 2014

  • In Language Arts students have completed their novel study. We will working with our Junior Great Books curriculum for the next few weeks. Students will return to a new novel study after the winter break. Students are also writing a biography about the life of their turkeys they disguised earlier in the month. The biography final drafts are due this Thursday.
  • In Science, we launched our rockets on Monday. It was a beautiful day and Cohorts 1 and 2 came out to watch as well. I also introduced our new unit on Food & Nutrition.
  • In Geography, exams went home in the weekly folder. We have started studying the land and water features on a map. Students are creating their own maps with land and water features that are due this Thursday.
  • In Math, we are continuing with learning concepts through Apex, math fact mastery through Xtra math and problem solving and math skill application with me in small groups.
  • In Life Skills, we had a lesson on personal vs private information and what is acceptable and safe to share online. We also continued working through our Life Skills workbook.
  • We are focusing on the skeletal system for our first independent study. Students created a task statement, three focus questions and signed a contract for completion.
  • In Technology, the kids started working with Photo Shop.
  • Typing Agent Unit 3 is due the end of November.

General Information

  • It's cold season and the case of the sniffles is making its way around our classroom.
  • Please send a water bottle to school with your child every day
  • Please don't forget to sign up for a conference in December.
  • We have an International Thanksgiving feast on Friday.
  • We have a Native American storyteller coming to school on Monday.