English Reading Nevis , Done By: Brittney Henley

History of the Disease!

Hepatitis is a killer plague that affects many lives because it is contagious. A young women named Madam Yan and two other mothers in China found out their toddlers were denied places in kindergarten after testing positive for Hepatitis. It is preventable but difficult to treat. Hepatitis is a disease of the blood with a recent medical history.

Signs and Symptoms!

Hepatitis A: Aching all over, nausea and a fever.

Hepatitis B: Causes a loss of appetite, generally feeling poor, pain and tenderness, and flu-like symptoms lasting 28 days (15-50 day) average.

Hepatitis C: Yellow tint to the eye whites and the skin "Jaundice".

Treatment and Prevention!!

Hepatitis is treatable and preventable yet it does not have a cure. The patient needs long term therapy, interferon medication, and avoid alcohol and drugs. We can prevent Hepatitis by avoiding contact with blood and bodily fluids and using a condom during sex. People can recover from Hepatitis A within 14 to 18 days. Drug use and contaminated needles causes Hepatitis C and people have to live with the disease for the rest of their lives.
What are the Types of Hepatitis?
People could reduce the prevalence and fatality rate of Hepatitis if they did not share or improperly dispose of the drug utensils, have unprotected sex, or expose themselves to another's bodily fluids