Kindergarten Happenings

ELA (English Language Arts)

We have spent the last six weeks getting to know one another and establishing our community. Friday was our last day of "Name of the Day". Name of the Day begins with us sitting in front of a chart that asks us to: Say it (the person's name), cheer it, clap it, spelling it, count it, and then one individual has to fix it (put the letters in the correct order). Then we move onto the Name of the Day book. First I model how to write each letter of the person's name- starting with a capital letter and then using lowercase. (After a child has been Name of the Day he/she is expected to be writing his/her name with a capital and then the rest lowercase). I must say they are doing an excellent job with this. Then we move onto draw Mat Man. Mat Man comes from our Handwriting Without Tears program. Mat Man introduces the big lines, little lines, big curves and little curves that are used to make each capital letter of the alphabet. For each child, this included being meeting leader. The meeting leader gets to sit in the meeting leader chair. The meeting leader's job is to call up each individual to do their job and help anyone who needs it. For

Kindergarten Team

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