Leadership Qualities

What makes a good leader?

The Most Important Qualities

I think there are many qualities that make a good leader. The most important qualities, I believe, are strength, determination, caring and presentably. I think that a strong leader makes people feel safe and protected. Strong leaders can be represented by firefighters, policemen and soldiers.
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I think determination is also a good trait. Showing people that you are determined, builds trust. If people see that you a determined to make a change or strive to be your best, they tend to have more faith in you.
The trait of caring is very important. Say people did not think you truly cared about them or their best interests -- would they trust you? Would they want you to make decisions for them; or try to influence their decisions? People are much more open to a leader when their leader actually cares about them.
I believe that is it very important for a leader to be presentable. No one wants to follow someone who can not even present themselves accordingly. If someone comes off as sloppy, disorganized, or unreliable - this makes them look bad. Nobody wants a leader that can not even "lead themselves".
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