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The Issue

One of the most challenging issues of our time is affordable healthcare.
More employers have been forced to restructure their benefit plans, often
reducing benefits or shifting to consumer- driven health plan options or
other high deductible, high co-pay options. Many offer no insurance
benefits at all. That leaves many individuals uninsured, under insured
or discovering gaps in their coverage.

The Solution

An innovative and sensible health and lifestyle benefit.

Individuals: The VIP Health Card addresses this challenge by
providing individuals and their families convenient access to physicians
24/7 and significant savings on prescriptions, dental, vision, hearing
care and more. Regardless of existing healthcare coverage, the VIP Health

Card will save individuals and their families thousands of dollars
a year in time and money.

Employers: The VIP Health Card offers businesses an
innovative solution that reduces absenteeism, increases
productivity, promotes consumerism and decreases
overall healthcare costs. This program has a high
retention of employees for minimal cost. Using
telemedicine as the core benefit, studies have
shown reductions in doctor office visits, ER visits,
absenteeism and overall healthcare costs, while
promoting wellness, prevention and personal responsibility.

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