Pandora Gets Vain

By Carolyn Hennesy


  • Pandora-a 13yr old, daughter of a titan, brown long hair,brave,power of controlling fire,lives in Athens,female
  • Homer-a young large youth,male,kind,poetic,careful,gladiator
  • Alcie-she has two left feet,loyal,sensitive,caring,female,curly hair
  • Iole- youngest,intelligent,talkative,loves animals,female,loyal as well
  • Wang Chun Lo-secretly an Egyptian God (Osiris) in form of a man,helpful,powerful


Some parts of the story is in the Nile River. But the main setting was in a unknown desert in Egypt.At the end the setting was in Alexandra.


Pandora had previously released the worlds evils out of the box. Now she's going to capture vanity and put it back into the box.But queen of the greek gods, Hera, is throwing a few obstacles at them that changes their way to Alexandra that leads to new problems.

Plot summary

Pandy and her friends are on their way to Alexandra but Hera wanted to have her fun. She ordered a storm to disturb them. The storm happened while they were on a boat which send Pandy, Iole, Alcie, and Homer crashing into the sea. Lucky for them Poseidon send dolphins to rescue them.The dolphins took them to the banks of the Nile river.Hera had prepared traps on land for Pandora. Pandora fell into a known haunted chamber. There she fought an eye monster thingy. Her friends tried to help her but the eye monster placed a magical invisible wall between her and them. Once they got out of the chamber they joined a large group of performers that are like a circus magical performers.A few days later they communicated with Alcie's father through some type of mirror (so much magic). He told them about Cleopatra's strange behavior how she doesn't stop looking at her self in the mirror and she had the strength of 20 men. In private she asked Wang Chun Lo if they can use the crystals to travel to Alexandra quicker. Wang Chun Lo warned her that she will have to trade 15yrs of her youth to the gods. She took all her friends years as if they were hers. Once they crossed the crystals Pandy became 73. They took vanity (the mirror) away from Cleopatra and forced it into the box. Sadly Pandy caught the vanity sickness. Wang Chun Lo showed who he really was and said he will granter them a wish each. All of Pandy's friends used their wish to cure her. At the end she got her regular age back and they started their search for another world's evil.


"Oh, great Zeus, she's drowning!"-Alcie (pg.83)

"It's just what I learned at . . ."-Homer (pg.95)

"But a bit tired. I have never talked so much in my life. Quite stimulating."-Iole (pg.79)

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