Making Every Calorie Count

By Peter Greenlaw and Drew Greenlaw , CP Exclusive

Kaitlin Kelley

Article Summary

“Achieving a Healthy Weight Is Not About Counting Calories, It's About Making Every Calorie Count” by Peter Greenlaw and Drew Greenlaw , CP Exclusive was written for the Christian Post on March 24, 2016. The authors of this article focused on the misconception that American dieters have about the calorie. First, the article described what exactly a calorie is and why it should not be the only aspect counted when on a diet. It went on to discuss how the “empty calories” from processed foods don’t necessarily provide the essential nutrients that our bodies need (Greenlaw & Greenlaw, 2016). Even foods that characterize themselves as “low-calorie” are still not beneficial because of the probable lack of quality nutrients. The article warns that common calorie-restrictive diets are more restrictive to nutrients than they are to calories. This behavior can rob the body of components in the diet important for wellness. The remainder of the article was composed of the dangers of consuming too many empty calories and its link to obesity and diabetes. The authors concluded the article with a hook to continue reading on the site and to “not miss the next article” or the live seminar (Greenlaw & Greenlaw, 2016).

Article Critique

While there was little to find on Drew Greenlaw, Peter Greenlaw has made his presence known on the internet. On his personal website and blog, he included a biography section explaining his history with the study of nutrition. Peter Greenlaw, while having allegedly read over “600 books” and completed “over 10,000 hours of research” on nutrition does not have any formal credentials or academic experience on the subject (Greenlaw Group, 2009). He has his own show and book while still guest starring on news programs to share his beliefs on health and wellness (Greenlaw Group, 2009). Again, all of this happening with no formal credentials.

The Christian Post is a news organization with a focus on nondenominational Christian news. This is not a scientific journal, nor is it a non-biased source; in the name, it already presents a religious bias.

The information in the article did not present any jarring findings or any information that goes against mainstream science. Almost all the information in the article was congruent with the information in the course. However, specific studies are never mentioned that reinforce the information presented. There are other authors that are quoted, but their relevance to the topic nor any specific research to look into are not included. It is as if the reader should take the information in front of them as a type of word-of-mouth.


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