Equality For Africans

By Marco C. and Delantae H.

Historical Background

  • Dates of when this was happening / 1750-1850
  • Leaders / William Wilberforce, Benjamin Franklin, Eric William, Thomas Jefferson, Fredrick Douglass
  • why we need people to value our topic / This was a historic moment in the world
  • how they see our topic being used in the industrial revolution / More African Americans can get jobs and have the equal freedom just like everybody else
  • topic and its impact within Great Britain during the industrial revolution
  • Social / The demand for freedom for enslaved people had become almost universal
  • Economic / The Industrial Revolution made prices go up, money came faster, large scales went up
  • Political / Enslaved citizens were not going to tolerate enslavement
  • Topic and it`s impacts on the world during the industrial revolution
  • social/ the Industrial Revolution help expand slavery
  • Economic/ the industrial revolution was going on much of England northern shipping was heavily involved
  • Political / England in the north,the industrial who owned the factories worked people in bad condition