Animals in Need

These animals need your help to save their lives!

Animals in Need

Have you ever thought about how many animals need your help? Or about how many animals get put down in pounds? Many animals have been put down or abused. We need to stop that and become a voice to the animals!

Animal Rights

Animal rights groups are working to protect animals. Citizen in animal right groups are helping to increase awareness for all animals in need. Animal rights groups is one way citizens are raising awareness along with doing things like creating facebook pages for animals. Some citizens created an international organization called “Spot Globally.” Just normal citizens are taking responsibility. They are educating communities around the world about the danger of stray untreated animals, and about how they need to be treated and put in shelters. Different animal right groups are working to get laws against animal cruelty. Groups are also planning to help local pets without homes and give them veterinarian care. Animal rights groups are like a voice to the animals in need.

Hearts for animals is another animal rights group. They truly do believe they are helping and will continue to help animals. One way Hearts for animals is helping is by campaigning for black animals because it is harder to sell black animals. They also host and plan animal clubs. Heart for Animals also started Penny for Paws to raise money. They hope to do more and better for animals in the future.

Animal Shelters

There are a lot of animal shelters but only some truly help animals. No kill shelters provide a home for animal until they get adopted. Other shelters like kill shelters are not like another chance they don’t give the animals enough time. Shelters only give animals a couple of weeks even days before they put them down. Some kill shelters put down animals out because they aren't “cute” and young but the animals just need more time. Some solutions for kill shelters are putting flyers of giving the animals to another shelter. Having citizens foster animals until they get adopted is another solution. One more solution is even if the animals shy, not young or “cute” they should get another chance. They haven’t done anything wrong so they don’t deserve to die.

Now that you've read this paper and thought about the animals that need your help I hope you try to help the animals in your community. You might even start something like “Spot Globally” or Penny for Paws to help raise awareness in your community. The animals need your support.