The Preschool Learning Center

April 11, 2016

Fine Motor Skills were used in a Variety of ways

This week the children made a variety of recipes from Oobleck which is made of cornstarch and water (try it if you haven't on your own--it is fascinating-see link) to Cup cooking of Gingerbread single cup cooking (don't worry PM class--you will get your turn as well on both!).

They also spent time on transportation, learning different modes of transportation (Cars, trains, airplanes, boats) while in the AM they learned more about nutrition and health.

Beginning stages of research

While learning about Transportation, the children were paired up with a partner and given a mode of transportation (car, boat, train, plane, etc) and they had to look up something about that mode of transportation on the iPad or Chromebook. Yes, we are starting them young in the research area.

The Preschool Learning Center

We are a lab school for high school students taking Child Development courses to learn about children in a hands on way. The children come from the community and receive quality care from a certified teacher.

Don't forget….

*No School until April 19…Till then..try out the Oobleck recipe or even the individual cup cooking.

Have a GREAT vacation. THINK REAL SPRING!!!!!

Warmly, Ann and the staff