good education is the way to go

get the best education

in the education department is a variety of different choices there is primary and secondary, tertiary, faith education, and university chaplaincies. this gives you and your child the best hopes for a proper education at a catholic school.

where are some of the catholic schools in perth

there are 166 catholic schools and 143 independent schools around perth and across Western Australia the majority of private schools are in perth. There are 3 independent boys schools and 4 catholic boys schools across Perth and Western Australia. There are 7 independent girl schools and 8 catholic girls schools across Western Australia.

some of the things you should think about

guaranteed to be a great education

some people need to search into better education for there child and so there child is happy and is doing good. this will be a great opportunity for you and your child.

public vs private

who will win? at the better and safer education or will it be public more freedom but different education... which one will you choose for your child?