Christopher Columbus

Read to Discover how Columbus voyaged across the Atlantic

T.J Horne

Early Life

Born in Genoa, Italy October 20th 1451,he learned to weave from his father,he took his first sea voyage as a mailer while still young he was interested in ships and the sea,as he got older he became more interested in Marco Polo.He thought he could find Asia and Cipangu and it's mountains of gold.

He also thought that the Indies lived west of Europe but his calculations were wrong he believed that the Earth was 75% (percent) of its real size and thought that it was made mostly of land instead of water.

He had practiced commanding a ship when he was young so he could be able to control where the ship would go and how far it would go,when it would turn,which direction to turn in and whether or not to go ashore.

Note: The Indies lived on the outside of Asia.

Mid Life

The king and queen were convinced ( completely certain ) that Columbus could find Cipangu and it's mountains of gold,the monarchs agreed to support his journey.

He hastily ( quickly done ) manned and provided the Nina,the Pinta,and his own ship the Santa Maria on his first voyage he got attacked by pirates and when they set fire to his ship he had to swim ashore he had reached Lisbon,Portugal he found Bartholomew his brother and his shop.

He quickly learned that the Portuguese ships were a lot faster and had a lot better maneuverability ( handling or turning ) and could safely travel through the shallow waters and also called Caravels,he also thought that he could find the Indies.

Note:He was the first explorer to go to the new world from Europe.

Later Life

The queen found out that his men were staging a full revolt and sent a judge to evaluate the situation he responded by putting Columbus in chains and returning him to Spain.

A fort was built out of the wreckage of the Santa Maria in La Navidad. When he died two years later he went from a cloth maker of modest means to a man called admiral,governor,and counselor to the king.

He was brave and courageous to swim to shore after pirates set fire to his ship and to stay under water for long periods of time so that the pirates didn't see him but he still had to cling to wreckage to be able to breathe because the water was so deep it was to hard to stay afloat with just kicking his legs.

Note: Even though he never went near Asia or

Japan his name will never be forgotten.

About the Author

I like to search and read about Christopher Columbus because once in a scholastic news for the weekly question it asked if we should take Columbus day out of the years and so I try to research and read about Christopher Columbus to find out why there wanted to take Columbus day out of the years that is why I wrote about Christopher Columbus in this flyer.


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