Athletic Trainer

Trinity Newman

Career Goal

My career goal in relation to this career is to graduate with my Gen. Eds. finished. I will be able to that by doing post-secondary. I want to attend Minnesota State University Mankato and finish with my Bachelors degree in Athletic Training. Then while training I want to go back and get my masters.

Career Review

Athletic trainers specialize in treating sports-related injures or illness. They advise patients of all ages and skill levels. They may also provide first aid and emergency care. Skills that you need for this job are listening, critical thinking, and helping others. You can really be anywhere with this job... Like in an office, a court, a field, and a gym. You move places with a team or school. You also work with others. This career pays above the statewide median which is $38,799. The lowest wage in Minnesota is $35,388, the median is $43,002, and the high is $49,066. There will be need for about 230 new athletic trainers to meet the market demand between 2012-2022. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and health educators are similar careers to athletic trainers.

Program of Study

After high school I need to go to college and get my bachelors degree in Athletic Training. I have to complete all my required classes in high school to be able to do post-secondary. You need a little to no work experience at all.
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