Molasses Spill Tragedy

The whole North End of Boston was flooded and destroyed

As Fast As Molasses?

Thats not the sang we know but in Boston they say otherwise. At the North End of Boston a tragedy has struck, A molasses tank made by the U.S.I.A. was not sturdy enough to hold all the molasses that the workers put in the tank that caused all of this mess.

An eye-witness

A young boy by the name of Anthony was walking home to his house when the tragedy happened. Anthony was saved by a firefighter that thought he would never make it. But eventually Anthony was in the hospital waking up to see his beloved family again after what had happened.

The Big Mistake

In World War I molasses was used in bombs so the USIA (United States Industry Alcohol) built a tank to hold molasses. The tank was built poorly and in 1919 it finally just burst open and destroyed the hole town of Boston