by:charm ransom


we all love bubble gum we make bubbles "pop" "oh there goes one" but where does it come from. Well lets take a look...#gumforlife.


now before we start lets take at a video this brief viedo of an idea way bubble gum is made.
How It's Made - Bubble Gum

THE steps

1.you melt the gum and purify a gums base.2.It soon melted gum is put in a mixer and it mixed with many ingredients.3.It then is rolled to the max as the gum soon is being rolled and pressed down.4.It is then is soon cooled down and put in a freezing room.5.It is soon broken up into pieces and sold to the market. Now you know how gum is made.

fun fact

"The first commercial chewing gum, State of Maine Spruce Gum was introduced from 1850.""The ages of 12 to 24 chew more gum than any other age group."

Why is bubble gum pink? The color of the first successful bubble gum was pink because it was the only color the inventor had left. The color "stuck" and today bubble gum is still predominantly pink."