Voyager Crew Bulletin

May 4, 2020: Distance Learning Week 5; Assessment Phase

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Strand Spotlights and Info:

Dear Voyager Crew,


Thank you, teachers, for being the both sturdy and flexible structures around which school is built to support students. I have observed each of you demonstrate new strengths and conquer obstacles through this unexpected journey. YOU are our students' lifelines to a most important aspect of their lives: SCHOOL. Your connections, humor, encouragement, feedback, and continued investment in student learning is reminding students that they are cared for and significant in your and one another's' lives. You are working tirelessly under stressful and challenging circumstances while tending to your own circumstances and families. You are always heroic champions, but your capes are flying especially high these days!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, PTO and Blue Bridge Hospitality are collaborating with us to provide boxed lunches for our Crew prior to the Car Parade next Friday. You do not have to attend the Car Parade to pick up a lunch, and they are available for ALL STAFF who wish to order. If you cannot attend or pick up a lunch, we will send you a gift card so that you may treat yourself to a meal later :). ALL STAFF please use this GoogleForm to RSVP for the Car Parade, lunch, and to indicate any dietary restrictions you have. Please try to respond by Monday morning. Thank you to Blue Bridge Hospitality for their support of our school and community!!

I will be responding to your Check-in Forms individually, but I wanted to share some themes that emerged from your feedback, and offer some encouragement/perspective:

  • Highlights for many of you are connections with students via Zoom and in small groups.
  • You are working very hard, and the work is tiring.
  • Balancing home/family and work hours is challenging. Many of you are struggling to take hours/days off.
  • You find yourself comparing yourself to others, wondering if you are doing enough, and are your own harshest critics.
  • Use of numerous platforms and programs is overwhelming, and checking them to assess students is time consuming.
  • Finding the line between reaching out to families and giving them space.
  • Uncertainty about the future is creating stress as well.

Enjoy the moments you are laughing with and engaging with your students. Share with one another fun ways to foster connections: joke telling, scavenger hunts, show and tell, "dress days," etc. I don't know anyone who thinks that distance learning is easier on teachers; in fact, the only feedback I've received is appreciation for all you are doing and recognition of the work and investment involved in making resources and yourselves available for students. We built this plan in very little time. There is variability among your approaches and that's okay. Feel as confident as I do that each one of you is providing meaningful learning experiences and connections with students. Please unplug and leave work and email each day. Take weekends off. Take a personal day to recharge (or sick day if you don't feel well). Adjust your workload (I can help/discuss this with you!) to create more space for rest and balance.

As we BEGIN to look to next year, we will have an eye on some efficiencies: consistency in platforms, trainings, and more opportunities to share/collaborate on lessons and activities (feel free to divide and conquer planning math and ELA activities, for example, if that works for your team!!). What next year will look like DOES remain uncertain, but know that we will share information as soon as we have it, and seek your input.

OUR THEME FOR THE WEEK is APPRECIATION: We will have several celebrations this week: appreciating our teachers for their incredible work, connecting as a district through our Coronado Schools Foundation Telethon, collaborating as families at the PTO meeting, and sharing mutual love during at our Car Parade on Friday. WE are truly ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, and there are ample weeks to appreciate our shared journey this week!

  • Instructional Tip: In this fifth week of distance learning, please look for ways to adjust workload/hours to create clearer boundaries between work and home/self. I'm here to listen and help.
  • May the 4th Be with YOU: Our staff providing meals on Monday will be dressed as their favorite superheroes--feel free to join us!
  • Thank you to our IAs who are assisting students and teachers in myriad ways, including compiling materials, meeting with students, offering social-emotional support, and providing feedback for students! We APPRECIATE YOU!
  • Staff Survey: If you haven't responded this week, please use this form for a check-in with Jenny. All staff encouraged to respond!
  • Staff Meeting: No meeting this week. Let me know if you want to talk, and I hope to see many of you on Friday.
  • PTO is having a Zoom meeting on Thursday at 7PM: Please register in advance at this link: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now Meeting ID: 886 0988 4322/Password: 452167
  • Disengaged Students/Families: Thank you for letting me and Sophia and other teammates know so we can support and also reach out. Please know that we cannot refer students TO our MFLC, but we can refer families to her. I am happy to remind families that she is a valuable resource.
  • Resource Pickup: We are letting parents know that our office is open for picking up medication and resources between 9 and 2, but need to know if we should expect a volume of visitors so we can plan for proper safety of all. Mondays during meal pickup are NOT ideal.
  • SPSA (School Plan for Student Achievement): Please provide feedback on the draft I sent Wednesday if you wish. Our School Site Council will meet to approve on Wednesday.
  • CSF Telethon, Wednesday, May 6, 5-9 PM: Please encourage your students and their families to watch! TK/Kindergartners, Band, and SSES Staff will be featured!
  • Your Extenuating Circumstances: It's not unlikely that you may have your own health concerns or needs to take care of family which prevent you from working as you normally do. Please reach out to me and to Human Resources Director Armando Farias with any questions or concerns about work expectations. WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU!
  • Mandated Reporting During School Closure: Thank you, Sophia, for providing an important update on our roles supporting students in crisis at the time. Please see the attached PDF below this section for more info.
  • Working on Campus: It's critical that you follow safety and security protocols if you visit the site and any shared spaces (workroom, office, staff lounge). Please use wipes and sanitizer and avoid touching unnecessary surfaces. Lock all doors and gates behind you unless you communicate with a colleague who is still on campus. If you work collaboratively in the same space, please maintain appropriate distance, wear masks, and use sanitizer.

Please click here to read the latest CUSD Update.

Calendar Events


5/4-8: Teacher Appreciation Week

Mon 5/4: Meal Pickup, 11-1PM; Superhero Spirit Dress Day

Wed 5/6: No Staff Meeting; School Site Council Meeting at 3PM via Zoom; CSF Telethon 5-9 PM

Thurs 5/7: PTO Meeting via Zoom, 7 PM: Please register in advance at this link: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now Meeting ID: 886 0988 4322/Password: 452167

Fri 5/8: Virtual Friday Flagpole; Teacher Appreciation Lunch Box Pickup; Car Parade 2 PM through housing and Cays.

Happy Birthday May Birthdays!

5/1: Dana Kane

5/8: Kimberley Junk

5/14: Yolanda Reyes

5/25: Robyn Fullmer

5/26: Renee Cavanaugh

5/27: Sophia Frost


5/25: Memorial Day Holiday/No School

6/4: General PTO meeting at SSES, 8:30 AM

6/11/20: 5th Grade Promotion/Last Day of School

Special Education Updates

Thank you, Katie Leontieff:

At this time, we are still mandated to hold IEP meetings in order to stay in compliance. This means that we still need a general education (teacher) to attend, as this person is a statutory member of the team. The (meetings) will be held via Zoom (or telephonically.) At these meetings, we will be reviewing present levels, progress on previous goals, draft goals, supports and parent concerns. We will (discuss services, but likely )not be able to offer FAPE at this time. Case managers will work to schedule meetings around teacher office hours. We appreciate everyone’s flexibility as we begin this new adventure. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Tips and Etiquette for Using Online Meeting Platforms (like Zoom): Communication for Staff and Families

For Staff:

Jennifer Landry has published a slideshow full of tech tips and directions here. Reminder that video conferencing is NOT a requirement.

How to avoid Zoom bombing:

From Zoom:

How to Manage Your Waiting Room
Watch this quick video breaking down how to admit participants from your waiting room into the meeting. Watch Now

Secure Your Virtual Classrooms with Zoom Waiting Rooms
Check out this blog post to learn how to secure your virtual classroom. Read More

As of March 31st, the Waiting Room feature in our account will be automatically turned on by default to ensure your virtual classes are protected and include only the intended students and participants. Going forward, you must admit your students to the virtual classroom.

How do I admit participants into my class?
It’s simple. As the host, once you’ve started the meeting, you’ll begin to see the number of participants in your waiting room within the Manage Participants icon. Next, select Manage Participants to view the full list. Then, you’ll have the option to admit participants individually by selecting the blue Admit button next to their name or all at once with the Admit All option on the top right-hand side of your screen.

How to Manage Your Waiting Room
Watch this 2-minute video breaking down how to admit participants from your waiting room into the meeting. What’s more, read this blog post to learn how to secure your virtual classroom.

Watch Now:
Read More:

Communication to Families:

Dear Families,

You may have begun using Zoom as a way to connect with friends and family groups via video/app. Some teachers may use this feature to connect with your child, though are district is not requiring video conferencing as part of our Distance Learning Plan. We are aware of concerns related to Zoom in particular and will be taking preventive measures.

We have some suggestions for safely/appropriately using this tool:

  • Your child should not be alone with an adult in an online meetup platform. If your child benefits from one-to-one support from a teacher, counselor, or (other role), plan to be present and available throughout the session.
  • Ensure your child and anyone else in the home who may appear on video is appropriately attired.
  • Choose a place in the home that is relatively distraction-free and quiet. Discourage pets and other family members from participating unless it's appropriate to do so.
  • Have all supplies your child may need readily available.
  • If the meeting is academic in nature, please refrain from eating on screen.
  • Take the opportunity to teach your child camera/video conference etiquette--maintain attentiveness and eye contact, remain in view, refrain from entertaining/distracting others.

Additionally, due to privacy policies, please do not take pictures of Zoom meeting screens that show other students and post it to your pages, newsletters, Facebook, etc. Any type of posting needs to have permission from all parties involved for our minors.

Minors (under 18) should not create a Zoom account. But important to know is that they don’t need a Zoom account to JOIN a meeting. Therefore, if teachers invite students to a meeting, they will provide the Zoom invite code, and if a teacher wants to hold office hours, they will provide students with the Zoom invite code.

Joining a Zoom Meeting - 1 min video link

CUSD Learning Resources During School Closure

Your child's teacher has provided with you classroom resources.

Find our District's Elementary Learning Plan here.

Our Computer Lab page on the school website has login information for your students and academic websites your students use can be found here. Military-connected students may access for free K-12 education support.

Your APEX Fun Run Team has provided a FANTASTIC packet of daily activities--see the link below this section!

Distance Learning Resources and Accounts sponsored by our School District:

SSES VAPA Teacher Ms. Mirtallo has created a VAPA Google Classroom with EXTRA activities for your child: (use code jsobtih to join)

American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge: sign your family up for 10 days of heart-healthy activities at through our school.

Ticket to Read: All K-2 grade students have accounts. Username format FirstL### Password: csd4700####

Compass Learning: All K-5 grade students have accounts. Username format FirstL### Password: csd4700#### The school is silver

RAZ Kids: All K-5 grade students have accounts. The login format is different by grade level. If you need your login info, email your teacher.

Edutyping: All 2-5 grade students have accounts. The school code is corona75 and Username format FirstL### Password: csd4700####

Xtramath: All K-5 grade students have accounts/pins.

Sumdog: All 1-5 grade students have accounts.

Our Computer Lab page on the school website has additional login information for your students and academic websites your students use can be found here. Military-connected students may access for free K-12 education support.

Here's a link to many available resources:

PTO News and Updates

We are SO FORTUNATE at Silver Strand to have the ongoing support of our PTO. Thank you for all you do with your time, energy, and fundraising!

PTO is having a Zoom meeting on Thursday at 7PM: Please register in advance at this link: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now Meeting ID: 886 0988 4322/Password: 452167

Silver Strand Luau: We are so very sad to report that our SSES PTO and Principal Moore have made the difficult decision to cancel our Silver Strand Luau scheduled for April 24. We are so grateful for our PTO volunteers, parents, and staff who were preparing for this amazing event, along with a slate of amazing vendors and services. We fully intend to reschedule and hold our 25th Luau, but are not in the position to designate a new date at this time. Thank you for your donations and volunteerism--we look forward to mobilizing our forces in support of family togetherness and our wonderful school community SOON! We will have SO MUCH to CELEBRATE!

Put your child's Name in Lights on the Silver Strand's Marquee Sign! We now have a convenient online form to easily schedule your Birthday, Welcome or Farewell message! The cost is $20 and your donation supports the SSES PTO! Schedule online now:

Silver Strand PTO Board

  • President: Lori Blauert
  • Vice President: Nellie Ritter
  • Treasurer: Leslie Broussard
  • Secretary: Leigh-Ann Williamson
  • Parliamentarian: Lisa Emme

Silver Strand PTO
Call or Text: 619-537-8782

Join Silver Strand PTO Today!

In addition to building community, supporting curriculum, and enriching students' school experience, the Silver Strand PTO is responsible for Family Fun Nights, Holiday Shoppe, Yearbook and Luau to name a few. Our fundraising efforts provide for school field trips and enrichments clubs. We are unable to do what we do without the support of Silver Strand families, teachers and staff.

Coronado Schools Foundation Events & Updates:

VIRTUAL TELETHON on MAY 6, 5-9 PM! Read more here!

Telethon is one of Coronado Schools Foundation’s largest fundraising events of the year, and all proceeds raised through Telethon go directly back to our schools to fund the STEM and Arts Pathways programs impacting the education of every child enrolled in our district. We ask our business partners, community members, donors, and colleagues to work strategically with us to ensure that our rescheduled Telethon is again another exceptional success for our schools. If you feel compelled to give at this time, visit and click on DONATE. All donations will be acknowledged LIVE on air.

Coronado Schools Foundation’s mission is to raise and manage funds to provide exceptional learning experiences for all Coronado Unified School District students. We thank you for your partnership in this time of public uncertainty and applaud each one of you for continuing your commitment to the educational enrichment of our children.

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Coronado SAFE Resources

See the flyer below for resources on navigating physical distancing.

Visit Coronado SAFE's website for more resources and info on activities in the community:

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Military Connections: Focus on Anchored4Life

Silver Strand Elementary School is SO fortunate to have the full-time services of our very own MFLC (Military Family Life Counselor), Marie Millard! Our MFLC is available to help students through the emotions and transitions associated with military life.

Thank you to our community advisory members, MFLC, and students who attended the Anchored4Life Club training in October! Our students learned how to help their peers who are experiencing transitions. The Anchored4Life program at our school focuses on helping new students adjust to Silver Strand, lifts up students whose loved one is leaving for or returning from deployment and sending our warm wishes with students who are relocating. The Team Leads provide care package "Kits" with a theme designed to support each of the four transitions. The kits contain comforting items, coping skills, DVDs to help kids understand that they are not alone and helpful tools for parents. If your child will be experiencing one of these transitions this year, please inform their teacher or the MFLC to receive a free transition kit. The MFLC's information is always available in the Silver Strand office with the other resource materials.

You will also see our Anchored4Life Team Leads around campus this year presenting uplifting messages, helping with service projects and growing in their leadership skills. We are excited to be partnering with Anchored4Life to provide this service to all of our students.

Military Spouse Support Meetings:

ECDC Wed. May 20 8:30-9:30 Transitions

For information about military-sponsored activities for youth, visit the Fleet and Family Services website here.

2019-20 Parent and Student Handbook

Our Parent and Student Handbook includes more detailed information about our school programs and policies. Click here to access our handbook (also available on our website).

Community Agreements and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

We are in year 2 of a district-wide review and revamping of our supports and interventions for students, including academic and behavioral/social-emotional. The aim is for our community to have clear and consistent expectations and interventions with a restorative and supportive focus. Our Silver Strand MTSS committee has drafted a set of Community Agreements for students, staff, and families (see attachment below). We are also working on updated referral/intervention forms and a new look and focus for our "blue slip" incentive forms. We look forward to keeping you posted on our progress and inviting your feedback!

Stay Connected with Silver Strand Elementary School!!

We want you to be "in the know"! Read our weekly email, and please check our website to stay up to date on school news, programs, and upcoming events. There is a "Search and Popular Pages" tab on the middle righthand side of our Home Page. This contains Voyager Family Emails, PTO link, Menu, Calendar and other important information. There is also an orange PeachJar tab on the bottom right of the Home Page. PeachJar contains flyers for Enrichment Clubs and other organizations hosting events at our school and in the community. The link to our homepage is:

Check out and "like" our Facebook page to see photos of student events and programs!