January Newsletter

Mrs. Pullen

Happy New Year!

January 16th- No School (Martin Luther King Day)

January 24th & 25th- MAPS Testing

January 27th- Sneaker Night!

January 27th- Marking Period 2 Ends

February 8th- Report Cards sent home

February 17th- No School (Conference Day)

February 20th- No School (President's Day)

Ancient Egypt

We have recently started our unit on Ancient Egypt in Social Studies. The students have had fun learning new tricks to help them remember important events from the past, such as mind mapping and flip books. Both of these strategies allow the students to have fun by being creative and learn at the same time.

We will complete quite a few projects while completing this unit. To start, the students are each researching a different influential figure from the past who made a large impact on the Egyptian culture. After researching their topics, they will present their findings to the class.

Continuing On

The students have continued to read Bud, Not Buddy, and have added a new text into the mix. While working with the idea of having "rules to live by" in life, the students have been working with the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling. We have worked on determining the meaning of the poem by breaking it apart line by line. The students are learning that the key to understanding a poem as a whole is working on comprehending sections at a time. Bud, Not Buddy and the poem "If" have many similar themes and life lessons. Together, the students have been working on determining those similarities.

Friendly Reminders!

It's Cold Out There!

Please remind your child to wear a coat to school when they are on their way out the door in the morning. Some of the MOD classes go outside during their class time.

Box Tops

If you obtain any box tops throughout the year, please send them into school. We have collected a lot so far!

Sneaker Nights

We need chaperones for our next Sneaker Night. Please go to our student council website for more information!

Character in Action Topics

This month's character trait is acceptance. Our monthly flyer will go home today for students and parents to look at together. Please discuss the flyer with your child and encourage them to share feedback at our weekly meetings.

Another topic that we are focusing on is cyber-bullying. I have provided some questions below that may be great discussion questions for you to have at home.

  • What is cyber-bullying?
  • What can it cause?
  • Why do people do this?
  • How can we avoid it?