INF 2 News letter

Play ,Learn and grow together .

Dear parents ,

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to our class news letter . You will be able to have a little peek of your child's day . Those past 2 weeks were very busy ,children had fun exploring what they can do and how strong they are . Fasten your belts and enjoy the ride .

Events of the week .

Yellow day ,

on that day students came to class wearing yellow shirts . We talked about yellow and took them for a tour to find yellow objects inside the nursery .They also had fun doing a yellow sun .

Water play:

Children had the chance to play with water and explore how it feels . They loved using cups to pour water in bowels . This activity helps children to strength their fine motor skills and to be independent .

Our bodies ;

We have been talking about our bodies and what we can do with it . Children went to the garden to find out how strong they are . They had fun jumping ,running and crawling through the tunnel ,that was the most activity they liked .

Snap shots

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