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Latest News on Paul Fisher's Life

1- Paul Fisher, a nearly blind boy moved to Tangerine County, Florida with his family.

2- Paul and his brother Erik were enrolled in the local school.

3- Erik tried out for the high school football team and made it as the starting kicker.

4- Paul tries out for the Lake Windsor Soccer Team.

5- Erik and his friend Arthur come home to tell everyone that Mike Costello died by a lightning strike.

6- School was not cancelled the next day and neither was football practice, even for a tragic death.

7- Paul is kicked off the soccer team because of his IEP.

8- Paul's family went to Mike Costello's funeral.

9- Paul went with Joey Costello to the Tangerine County Fair to get Mike off their minds.

10 -Days after the fair, a sinkhole opens on the football fields and and swallows some of the outdoor classes, but no one died and there is only broken bones.

11- Since the sinkhole swallowed part of the school, Paul decided to go to Tangerine Middle School to join their soccer team.

Erik Fisher Football Dream

Erik and Paul Fisher's lives are completely different. Erik is a star football player whom has a nearly perfect life, while Paul has bad eye site and is a backup goalie for the Tangerine Middle School soccer team. Although both kids are good at sports, Erik is living the dream while Paul can rarely play. Paul sees good in everything and has mercy. Erik doesn't. After Mike Costello died, he was laughing and grateful. Lastly, Paul is a good kid. He tries his best no matter what the odds are, while Erik laughs at the dead and expects great things to happen no matter what. That is how Erik and Paul are different.

Tragedy Strikes

Many things happened the day that Mike Costello died. It all began with Paul going to soccer tryouts and Erik going to football. Erik had already made it as starting kicker, but not it was Paul's turn to make a team. The coach of the soccer team stated that everyone made the team, so they began to scrimmage. Paul saved everything and when he went home, he had a a surprise waiting for him, a sad one in fact. Erik entered the house just after them to break the news that Mike Costello had died. Their mom freaked out, while Paul was confused and angry. Mom called everyone they knew and Erik and Arthur went outside. They made joke out of the death and were both happy in a time of mourn. This made Paul extremely mad, and he didn't know what would happen from then on out. His only thoughts were," How could this happen to Mike Costello? Why Mike?"

Moya Close Up

Moya are things that happen to people. The first example is when Mike Costello dies. He leaned against a goalpost while lighting struck it. In response he died before he hit the ground. Another example is Joey trying to take off Mike's shoes. Mike had just died, so Joey tried to calm him. He did the first thing Mike did after every football practice. He took off his shoes. Lastly, Paul tried out for the Tangerine Middle School soccer team. He tried his best in goal and made some nice saves. Those saves gave him a chance at making the team. The coach like the saves, and because he was good, he made the team. Those are three examples of Moya in Paul's life.

Tangerine Middle School Soccer Tryouts!!!!!!!!

On the 21st of October there will be soccer tryouts for the Tangerine Middle War Eagles. They are at 7:00 PM and will be on the soccer field. Remember to bring the permission slip that is on the school website so you can play. You will also need to bring cleats, a ball, and shin guards. We are hoping to make a great team like lat year, so come on the 21st at 7:00 PM. Make up tryout will be the next week on the 28th at the same time. We hope you will be there.