Intro to Drive

Driver's Ed

Want to know more about Google Drive & Google Docs?

Google Drive is a powerful way to access and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with others. In the next several weeks, we will be offering tech classes designed to help you make the most of this tool in your classroom. Our first class is an introduction to Google Drive. We will take it easy and help you get a solid foundation to build on later. We'll cover all the basics of everything that is Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Forms, Folders, mobile device functionality, storage, file formats, collaboration possibilities, etc.).

This is a beginners' class. Even if you have never heard of Google Drive we can get you on the road to success. Student drivers will need to come to class with a Google account already created. If you have a GMail account, you have a Google account. Not sure how to set up a Google account? We've got that covered too!

How to Create a Google Account

Let's Hit the Road!

We are offering classes at multiple times to fit your needs. Check out the dates and times below to find one convenient for you:
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Meet Your Driving Instructors

Down the Road...

Be watching for our upcoming trainings. At this time we are planning to offer:

  • Doc, Doc, Drive- When and how to share documents, folders, etc. Also how to set permissions on your shared documents to allow others to view, comment, or edit as needed.
  • FORMulating Your Drive- How to make the best use of Google's forms.

Have an idea for a class that we've overlooked? Please shoot us an email. We'd love to hear your ideas!