Walk a Mile in Larry Bird's Shoes

Walk a mile in the Converses on the NBA Finals court

History of Converse shoes

The Converse shoe was made in 1908. The creator of the shoe was named Marquis Mills Converse. The first place these were made from was Malden, Massachusetts. The Converse shoe was designed for basketball players. Now they are designed for anyone and are one worn as casual shoes.

Larry Bird

Dear diary ,

It's almost time to start the game. I walk out on the court and there are fans everywhere. This is game 7 of the NBA Championship. Every one is screaming Celtics, Celtics, Celtics. I lace up my Converses and get ready for tip off. We win the game and I end up with 42 points and we are the champions. All I know is, it is hard to win a championship and it's hard to be Larry Bird.

Reason I did Converse shoes

The reason I did Converse shoes is because I love to play basketball and the Converse shoe was the first basketball shoe ever made. There are so many different styles to choose from. The classic high top, the low cut and the Converse boot is also available now. These shoes are still considered "cool" after so many years
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