The Age of Era


The renaissance changed art and culture in general. It expanded art and culture as well. It revived greece and romes culture and art. It made tons of people become secular. It also helped cities emerge.

People associated with the change.

Leonardo Da Vinci - He was an artist, a sculptor and a scientist. He was known for painting the "Mona Lisa"

Michaelangelo - who was known for painting, sculpting, and architecure. His two biggest pieces of art were "David" , and the "Sistine Chapel".

The Medici Family - who influenced and expanded the culture in that period of time. They also were rulers of Florence at the time.

Nicolo Machiavelli - Who was one of the most famous founders of modern science. He was partially blamed for the downfall of medici, so he was put to tortue. He then went away and faked his death.

Effect over society

The effects of renaissance was. It turned people away from the church. More citizens became involved in politics. Large cities grew due to trade. Technology was being developed to help better their lives.

Effects of Society today

Italy is now a breeding ground for Revelation. People still use Da VInci's screw design although it is more enhanced today. A lot more people practice Humanism. Also Da Vinci gave a clear example of what a fetus looks like helping technology by giving them an ideal perspective of what it really looked like. It developed most art of today giving people a "Linear Perspective".

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