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Announcements, Resources, Celebrations 4/10/17 ISSUE # 10

How Important are Specials in a Well-Rounded Education?

How important are music, art, PE, media, and technology to a student's education? Authors from suggest six major reasons for integrating the arts in curriculum:

  • To make content more accessible, to encourage joyful, active learning
  • To help students make and express connections to content, to help children understand and express abstract concepts
  • To stimulate higher thinking
  • To build community through developing collaborative work skills.

If you look closely at the Wake County Strategic Plan it is in direct alignment.

In a PBS article by Grace Hwang Lynch titled, "The Importance of Art in Child Development", Lynch states that the benefits of arts in school curriculum is that it develops motor skills, language development, improves decision making, visual learning, inventiveness, cultural awareness and improved academic performance. I think that we can all agree that each of these skills play an essential role in the student success now and as graduates in the business world.

Maurice J. Elias, in his Edutopia article, "Use Music to Develop Kids Skills and Character", asks the following questions:

  • Is music important in your life?
  • Is it important in your kids life?
  • Is there a reason so many children walk around with an iPod in their pocket?

The article goes on to share the many ways that music stimulates many of the neurological learning areas of our brains. I would venture to say, based on observations of students at Pleasant Union over the past seventeen years, that one of the greatest strengths that Pleasant Union has offered its students is it's well-rounded, balanced instruction that effectively combines strong academics and the arts (physical education, music, art, media, and technology).

What are your thoughts about the importance of a balanced school curriculum?

Pleasant Union Removed from Traditional Calendar Discussion.

Pleasant Union was removed from further discussion and consideration at the Tuesday, April 4th WCPSS Board of Education Meeting. For more information go to Student Assignment Presentation.

What's Going On this Week?

  • Tuesday, April 11 from 8-8:45 3-5 Lego Club in Media Center
  • Wednesday, April 12 from 8-8:45 K-2 Lego Club in Media Center
  • Wednesday, April 12, Spring Pictures for Tracks 1 and 3
  • Friday, April 14, 2017 WCPSS Schools closed for Good Friday

Pleasant Union Closed Friday, April 14th for Good Friday Holiday.