Bussiness Year in Review

By: Tyler Reinert

Overview of the class

This class offers multitudes of learning experiences for event the most knowledgeable young students. I have benefited greatly from this course and encourage any to start with a full head of steam in the following school year. The biggest thing you study in this class is the way currency and businesses work. Ms. Kane does an excellent job explaining everything from job applications to credit cards.

What I Have Learned From This Class

I have taken this class for a total of a half credit, two marking periods, and have improved my general knowledge of business greatly. The three biggest things that I learned in this class were how to use and understand credit cards, how to operate a check and deposit slip, and understand interest and interest rates. In this class we learned the advantages and disadvantages to using a credit card, as well as how to be smart with your money. Similar to credit cards, we learned how to utilize checks and deposits. Along with the anatomy of the check and deposit slips, we learn in what cases they are acceptable and why they are helpful in keeping track of your money. Not only do we learn the ways we utilize money, we learned about things like interest. This includes interest in savings accounts and interest rates on things such as cars.


This class provides the basic understandings of the financial and business world that many young high school students have not been introduced to yet. Not only will it provide you the knowledge for future years in high school, it prepares you to take on the responsibility in the near future in the career world. The information provided in this class is the general operation of the entire United States, and will be useful for the rest of your lives.


The biggest thing that we did not learn that I believe would have been beneficial are informal business meetings, specifically negotiation tactics. Although we will often have formal interaction between coworkers, constantly in our non working lives, and even sometimes even in our occupation, we will need to utilize the negotiation tactics. This would have been beneficial to practically anybody, because it is a common occurrence in our society.


The most valuable piece of information I learned this year was overall currency interactions. As I stated before, between credit cards, deposit slips, and general cash, I have learned a huge part of our society. Without the information that I have received in this curriculum, I would have struggled in the up and coming years when I look for a job.