Diagnosis: Bone Disorder

The Rickets


-Rickets is a disease of children caused by vitamin D deficiency, characterized by imperfect calcification, softening, and distortion of the bones typically resulting in bow legs.

-Master Flenser is to strip the blubber or skin from (a whale, for example).

-Cavder is a corpse.


*pain or tenderness in the bones of your arms, legs, pelvis, or spine

  • *bone fractures
  • *muscle cramps
  • *skeletal deformities, including:
    • an oddly shaped skull
    • legs that bow out (bowlegs)
    • bumps in your ribcage
    • a protruding breastbone
    • a curved spine
    • pelvic deformities
  • Treatment



    from lack of vitamin d


    children will be affected by aches and pains in their spine, legs, or pelvis. The limbs, especially the legs, do not grow properly, which can lead to bowing and stunted growth.

    Intersting fact

    -doses of cod liver oil were the earliest successful treatment for rickets

    Mortality rate

    the rickets mortality ratio was 3.11 deaths per 100,000 children in Southern states, compared with 1.91 in the Northeast, 1.75 in the Midwest, and 1.04 in the Western states of the USA.