Why do we explore deep space?

Why does we explore deep space?

Space is quite literally the biggest mystery in the universe. Philosophers in the past have puzzled humanity with the questions of our purpose in this world. NASA and other companies have been thriving to answer this big question by sending probes, satellites, animals, and even people to explore it.

Everyone with a basic education knows our solar system and the planets within, but it takes more education to know about everything past our puny system. Things like other galaxies, black holes, and even objects questioning the laws of physics themselves are out there, unexplored.

NASA - Why Do We Explore?

Black Holes - Will they ever be an issue?

Black holes have been questioned by scientists around the world, but nobody really knows how they work. The only time that NASA believes a black hole should even be an issue is in a few billion years. The nearest black hole to earth is at the center of the galaxy, thousands of light years away. So you don't have to worry about a mass in space with no mass eating us up into nothing.

Famous Space Telescopes

Is there a planet out there similar to Earth?

Indeed there is. The Hubble Telescope has been able to locate a planet past the Kepler Belt that has been creatively named "Kepler-186f". This planet has similar properties to earth's, like an atmosphere that contains oxygen and signs of frozen water. Watch the video below for more information.
NASA's Kepler Discovers First Earth-Size Planet In The Habitable Zone of Another Star