Summer Science

Ranchida, hour 1

Summer fun

Over the summer I went to Wisconsin Dells. My whole family went to Mount Olympus.Suplake,Pornchita,Angela,Py,Bee,Chong Wa, and I went to a one day trip.We went to Wisconsin Dells some time around August and to get more active.

Connection to science

The first connection is the water cycle. The sun heats the pool water then it evaporated and created heavy clouds in the sky and then it falls back in the form of precipitation then fall backs to the pool. The second connection is the kinetic energy why is when I was going down the water slide energy was increasing as much as the speed was increase, like the heavy the body the more mass why is because the of the water that was running down it made the slide slippery.

Pictures of Mount Olympus

I wonder...

I wonder

1. I wonder how much did they put chlorine into the water that was used for the pool? ( depending on the pool size )?

2. I wonder is a car went 100m per hour would it be as fast as a cheetah?

3. I wonder how much chlorine is added each day to the pool?

4. I wonder how much energy does takes from green by to Wisconsin dells?


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