CSA Lincoln Newsletter

February 19, 2016


Three things on my mind as we wrap up the week.

1. We sent out invitations to 2016-2017 applicants this past Friday. We added a "red ticket" in our acceptance letters to welcome our newest Huskies! While I don't have Facebook, I've heard that several have been proudly displaying their tickets in posts. Mrs. Thompson, our school counselor, shared this picture of her daughter Lola with her ticket. Super fun!

2. I'm very happy to report that the 3rd-6th grade chromebook pilot has been a huge success! As students arrived this morning, one parent was very appreciative of the chromebooks being sent home. Last night their student shared the project on Google Drive with the family. Several teachers also have echoed similar feedback from students and parents. My goal is to extend the pilot to 1st and 2nd grade after Spring Break.

3. Only in Indiana could you have a snow day on Monday and it be 62 degrees on Friday!

Enjoy the weekend!

Bus Safety

Please be careful and use the crosswalks when exiting the campus with your student. Over the past couple of weeks we have had a few parents dart between buses with their student to cross the street. Because of the recent bus tragedy, drivers must now shut off their buses when loading/unloading students. Several of our bus drivers have still voiced concerns about being unable to see between the buses.

While a minor inconvenience, please utilize the crosswalks and crossing guards.

Safety first!


Grades 3-6 will be testing for ISTEP and/or IREAD (only 3rd grade) on the following dates. Please try and schedule doctor appointments around these dates. Testing will take place in the morning. It is very important that your student is here!

Tuesday, March 1st- Math- Grades 3,4,5,6

Wednesday, March 2nd- Language Arts- Grades 3,4,5,6

Thursday, March 3rd- Language Arts- Grades 3,4,5,6

Tuesday, March 8th- Science- Grades 4,6

Tuesday, March 8th- Social Studies- Grade 5

Tuesday, March 8th- IREAD- Grade 3

Wednesday, March 9th- IREAD- Grade 3

Thursday, March 10th- IREAD- Grade 3

Attendance Challenge

We will have a third quarter perfect attendance competition beginning January 19, 2016- March 11, 2016. Those students with perfect attendance will be eligible to win a Kindle Fire.

At the end of the school year, those students with perfect attendance for the entire school year will be eligible to win a laptop.

Perfect attendance means the student is present 100% of the time- no early dismissals, no late arrivals, and absences for any reason.

Contact our Guidance Counselor, Alisha Thompson, if you have questions (thompsona@bcsc.k12.in.us)

PACK PACK PARTY- Staff vs. Student Basketball Game

The Paw Pack Party (Grades 3-6) is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24th and will be after school until the basketball game starts at 5:00 p.m. The permission slip is due back on Monday, February 22nd. The cost is $10.00 and includes pizza, drink, game ticket and fun!

The Paw Pack will travel over to Central as a group, but all students and parents are welcome to attend the basketball game. Admission to the game for those not attending the Paw Pack will be $1 for students and $2 for adults. The Principal's Advisory Council met with Mr. Shipley and myself and came up with some changes to the format of the game. See changes here.

In celebration of the Paw Pack and the Staff vs. Student game, next Wednesday will be school spirit day!

Party Planning Passion

Big image

Early Departure

Please be mindful that when you remove your student from school prior to dismissal (2:45 p.m.) that is considered an early departure and does count against their attendance. Please feel free to wait in the main office or inside the main doors if picking up student "walkers".

This does not include doctor's appointments, etc. as those are considered excused.


  • Our Kindergarten classes are working on their helping Columbus pets project. They are currently learning and working on presentations about how we can help our pets.

  • First grade are still working hard on their habitat project. This week they are working on Google slides about their animals.

  • Second graders are continuing to work on their Genius Hour projects. Most students have had their interviews with their community partners and they are going to begin the research process of their project in the coming weeks.

  • Third graders will be rolling out their Pop Tab Contest project for the Ronald McDonald house in the coming weeks. Save those pop tabs.

  • Fourth grade are working on their Scientific Design project. They are learning about the scientific design process and will continue to grow these skills throughout the project. They will be having students from Ivy Tech coming in next week to help show them these concepts in hands-on ways.

  • Fifth graders are working on their Treasures project. They will be setting up displays at Viewpoint Books in the coming weeks.

  • Sixth grade students are working on the upcoming Paw Pack. They are using this as a fundraiser project for their upcoming trip to Chicago. It will take place on February 24th at the Staff vs. Student game.

  • Get connected with Remind 101

    Click here for directions on how to receive text message updates from Mr. Findley


    WHAT IF there was an EMERGENCY? WHAT IF we needed to GET INFORMATION TO YOU? This is a QUICK and EASY way to communicate needed information TO YOU!

    What is REMIND?

    Principals everywhere are forgetting their complex phone trees and are using Remind as a simple way to keep their colleagues in the loop and build community at their schools.

    Click on the Get Connected with REMIND above this article.

    More than Lunch 2016

    • Did you know that the meal assistance is not just about lunch?

      If your family meets the income qualifications for free or reduced lunch, and even if your child brings his or her lunch to school, there are several benefits that may be available for your family:

      • Textbook Assistance: For financial assistance with textbook fees, check the box on the back of the free/reduced lunch application
      • Elementary Backsacks Program: For weekend food, see school counselor
      • High School - ACT/SAT Testing Fees: See school counselor
      • High School - Dual Credit/AP Courses: See school counselor
      • Discounted Internet service :$9.95 per month through Comcast — Internet Essentials — 1-855-846-8376
      • Discounted Computer: $149.99 through Comcast — Internet Essentials — 1-888-710-4156
      • Discounts for Sports Program Fees: See school Athletic Director
      • iCare afterschool program: limited scholarships available - See BCSC website

    • Click here to access this information on the BCSC website.


    Curious what school lunch is like these days? Maybe not, but we would love for you to come eat lunch with your student(s). It is a great opportunity to connect parents with the school. Are the grandparents looking for something to do? Send them in. Feel free to bring in something to eat or buy a school lunch. If you call ahead, they can prepare a chef salad for you (a staff favorite). Please stop in the main office, sign-in and put on a visitor's badge.


    Students who are seen being SAFE, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, or a PEACEMAKER earn Husky Grams. The following students were caught following our school-wide expectations during the first two weeks and earned a reward!

    Anthony England

    Mia Seaborne

    River Degner

    Kaleb Hyer

    Phillip McKinely

    Tristan Davis

    Gaven Albers

    Mrs. Brill

    Austin Nesci

    Big Brothers & Big Sisters

    Information on this great program. Both here and at Northside Middle School I have seen HUGE gains for students who are partnered with a "big". If you have time or know someone who would be a good fit, please consider this program.