Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Celebrations of Life

Sharing Your Journey Through Life

Finding a way to talk to your loved ones about your final wishes can be one of the most difficult challenges you may face. However, through experience we have found that once you begin opening up about moments in your life that have lead to your decisions, the conversation becomes easier. There are so many things that we experience in our lifetime that form who we are and the legacy that we strive to leave behind. Your conversations about how your life should be celebrated shouldn't begin during times of sickness. These conversations can take place during a quiet walk or family dinner and should include your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts or uncles. You could even include your dearest friend in the planning process. Speak to your family about ways they have impacted your life and why you want them to be a part of planning the inevitable, your funeral. These shared reflections will help them memorialize you in a way that would honor your life after you pass.

Our Facility

During your time of need, the chapel can be a refuge for a family in grieving. Our chapel will seat 500 people and comfortable additional seating can be arranged for any additional guests. We offer seven large visitation rooms, and various facilities for the handicapped. Our state-of-the-art Music System includes 3,900 selections, giving you the choice of solo, duet, or background music. We can also arrange for special services and music if you so desire. We will be glad to arrange home funeral services, lakeside services or private memorial services.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty, and take pride in providing the highest level of personalized service to the community. If you have any special requests, simply ask, and we will do our best to accomodate your request.


Since 1980 the families of this community have trusted us to provide a broad range of funeral care and preneed services. We work with each family on a one on one basis to ensure the highest level of personal attention. We proudly provide you with commitment and compassion during each step of the funeral process. Our experienced and dedicated staff can guide you in determining which service is appropriate for suiting your family’s needs. We are committed to arranging a funeral that is most beneficial to your loved one, and we strive to celebrate their life in a meaningful way.