Fun in First

Be silly. Be kind. Be honest. -Ralph Emerson

Spelling Bee

Everyone did such a great job of congratulating each other and supporting others as they "got out".

Our class winners:




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Traditions Project

I hope you enjoyed the traditions project as much as I did! It was so great to hear all of your traditions and learn that we all share a lot of them. We ate yummy treats and saw very artistic drawings.


We had some winners in our class: Alex, Griffin, Kristoff, and Brinley!
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Our Class Moose

If you give a moose a STUDENT he'll more than likely HAVE A BLAST!!

Mystery Reader

The kids get so excited the week of a mystery reader. Each day is filled with excitement as they realize they are "in" or "out" of the running for the reader to be their mom or dad.

Library 2X2

Students voted on their favorite book for the Texas 2X2 and celebrated with a little party!

Elf on the "Classroom" Shelf!

"Elfy" has had a blast the last two weeks with the kiddos! He will be missed.

Readers Workshop

Readers workshop is a chance for students to practice the skill taught in the mini-lesson. On this day, students were practicing questioning in their books and recording in their notebooks.


Graphing is a new favorite for the kids. They are constantly asking for graphing things!


Stations are time where students practice their working number combinations!


Math talk is a 5-10 spiral review talk. On this day we reviewed tally marks with popsicle sticks. "One, two, three, four, shut the door"

Writers Celebration

Students shared their "how-to" writing with others. Once they shared their writing, students wrote a thank you note.

Word Work

We often practice our word study words with letter tiles. Students first sort their tiles into ABC order and then I orally call out a word. We create word ladders as students change the beginning, middle, or ending letter to create a new word. "I want "big" to turn to "beg", what do you have to change?"

Party FUN


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Merry Christmas!! Have a wonderful holiday break!