Did You Know?

Ten things you didn't know about the Corps of Discovery.

Lewis first met Clark after being court-martialed

Lewis was charged for picking a fight with a superior in a drunken fury, he was found innocent, but was dispatched under Lewis's command to avoid further conflict.

Wooly Mammoths in the Mountains

Nobody knew what lied beyond the Rocky Mountains but some speculated that there was a tribe of Welsh-speaking Indians, mountains of salt, herds of Wooly Mammoths and other such things. The Corps of Discovery discovered that none of those things were out there but found 178 new plant species and 122 new animals.

Lewis the Secretary

Lewis grew up only a few miles from the Monticello and knew Jefferson as a boy, later on they had a more master-apprentice relationship after Lewis's military career and served as Jefferson's Presidential Secretary.

Spanish Attempt to arrest the Corps

The goal of the expedition was to find the Northwest passage to increase trade and commerce. The news scared the Spanish and attempted to arrest the group for fear they might find riches beyond the Rockies.

York a "Mighty Warrior"

Clark brought his slave and childhood friend York on the expedition, when the native tribes met him they had never seen someone with dark skin and thought him as a strong warrior.

Armed to the Teeth

The Corps brought 200 pounds of gunpowder, over 400 pounds of lead for bullets, tomahawks, pikes, knives, even an experimental pneumatic rifle, just to impress the tribes with.

The Unexpected Helper

Sacagawea was a Shoshone woman married to a navigator and translator, (whom, didn't help that much) and was found to be a great influence, she knew the native languages, she knew the terrain, and even helped out by showing what plants are safe to eat.

Casualties? Only One!

Sergeant Charles Floyd died in the beginning stages of the trip only to a sever case of appendicitis. Although everyone endured snakebites, dysentery, dislocated shoulders, and more throughout the two year journey.

An Unexplained Fate

Lewis had depression ever since he was a kid. After taking over as Governor of Louisiana he tried to take his own life twice and later on was found dead in a log cabin with gunshot wounds to the chest and head. Some say he killed himself, others claimed it was murder.

Taking Care of His People

Clark offered to adopt Sacagawea's child that went with her on their voyage to the Pacific, she declined but later on let Clark take care of the boy and give him an education, later on came a daughter of Sacagawea, and after her death in 1812, Clark had full custody of the two children.