Criminal Justice System


Criminal Justice System

Police and other law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, court, jail, and prisons, work together to deal with crime in our communities

What Happens When Someone Is Arrested, Initial Court Apperance

When law enforcement officials beleave that someone is guilty of a crime, they place that person under arrest-meaning they hold him or her for trial by authority of the law. See a person commit a crime, have a warrant written authority to make an arrest or conduct a search.The arrest is only the first step in caring a person with a crime, very soon after arrest,the prosicutor must bring the defendant befor a judge.

PLea Bargaining,What Happens at Trial

In a pled bagain, the defendant agrees to plead guilty to plead guilty.In a trial, the prosecution,the defendant with a lawyer, the judge, and usually a jury concider evidence and law related to the case.