Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!

Large Utility Tote and Insert Special ends Sunday!

I'm getting straight to the point -- The stand tall insert for our MOST popular product -- the Large Utility tote -- is ONLY available this month and this month is almost OVER!!

I do NOT want you to miss out and forget to get this product in your hands for just $15!! If you don't have a Large Utility Tote (LUT) already (what?!?) you can get the tote and the insert for $50!! For just a FEW more days!!!

Bottom line is this::: For every $35 you spend this month, you can purchase the LUT for $10 OR the insert for $15. That's right. It's a HUGE DEAL!!! And you won't want to go through summer without a set like this!!

I'll be putting orders in through the end of the month so that NO ONE misses this. I'm SO confident you'll LOVE this set!! If you have questions or need pics or ideas on what to get, I'm your GIRL!!!

Place your order at . Happy Shopping!!! If you'd rather me place an order for you, let me know!!

Trish Kolarik, Independent Director for Thirty-One Gifts