The Millennials

The Ambitous

Who we are:

The millennials are a diverse group of people whop hit adulthood around the year 2000. They got a distinct name because how their outlook on jobs and their work history. They on average stay with a job for about 2 years because they only stay if they see themselves going anywhere in their workplace or if they enjoy the environment. And they also prefer a "coach" over a "boss," which means they want someone to encourage them, not look down upon.

Why We Are Important:


We represent that not everyone has to work a job we hate or see ourselves going no where with, we can all find the perfect job that suits who we are. Why stay in a place you know you do not want to go to, always look until you find where you belong. Just because you leave jobs pretty quickly does not mean your work ethic is bad, it only means you are ambitious enough to keep looking no matter what the outcome looks like on you.