Charger Pride Curriculum Spotlight

Supporting Students with Interventions and Innovation!

Supports Available to All Students!

Sometimes during their high school years, our students might find a specific content or skill that might be difficult to master. It might be a module in a math class, writing an argumentative essay, or identifying the organelles inside of a cell. Oftentimes, students just need reassurance that they are on the right track or they might need a different way to study or take notes. If your son or daughter finds themselves struggling, there are a few interventions available that can help them to master the content.

Charger Learning Center (CLC)

Students are invited to attend our CLC (Charger Learning Center) which is an in-person or remote tutoring opportunity. The CLC is staffed by teachers and student tutors who are willing to help assist individual students who are struggling in any of his or her classes. Remote students simply need to open the Canvas class which they were all invited to join. Once they join, they will be directed to a link where they will be connected to a virtual tutor. If students are in-person, they simply need to report to room 605. Upon entering room 605, they will be asked what they need help with and will be assigned a student tutor who specializes in a specific content area. The CLC is available during all lunch periods which includes periods 4, 5 and 6. Room 605 is located off the Commons next to the welcome desk.

"Period 2" Intervention Available Virtually!

Within the current hybrid/remote learning format, students still have access to Intervention two to three times a week starting at 9:30am. Students should first log-in with their Advisory teacher on designated Intervention days for attendance and then login remotely for their chosen Intervention using the link provided by the Intervention teacher.

Intervention gives students time to meet with teachers for additional assistance. For example, if a student would like help with a specific topic, no problem. Students have the chance to meet with their teacher during Intervention for help in various content areas.

Math Instruction Designed Specifically By Course - Daytime Interventions Available!

All three courses (Math 1, Math 2, Math 3) are delivering the material in different ways this semester due to the hybrid/remote learning format.

Math 1 is using a Canvas Classroom where the students are required to log in on their own throughout the school day (home and in the building) and complete the tasks. This makes it self paced and the students then complete the assessment at the end.

Math 2 is teaching the course entirely remotely using Google Meet. Students log into the Google Meet during their Study Hall and Mr. Kelly delivers the material. The students then will complete the Module 1 Assessment all together virtually.

Math 3 has Ms. Ing teaching the material in the class with the students in that classroom and virtually at home. These students learn the material throughout the lessons by Ms. Ing and then take the assessment at the end of Module.

The Math Department is implementing daytime interventions in each of the academic classes to allow students to recover their Module Assessment grade if they do not pass it the first time.

Drivers Education Offering Supplemental Driving Opportunties

Our Driver Education staff has been working diligently to complete behind the wheel hours for students currently enrolled in driver education course during this semester by hosting supplemental driving opportunities before and after school four days a week in addition to driving daily during school hours. Students are able to use a digital sign-up process to work around their personal schedules to come in and complete their driving hours.

Innovative Instruction and Learning Opportunities

Online Physics Lab Simulations Available to Remote & Hybrid Students

In the current educational model, Physics teacher, Mr. Kopera is using online simulations for students to complete their lab work. He is doing all he can to provide students the knowledge, resources and experiences needed to succeed whether students are hybrid or fully remote and believes that lab experiences are an integral part of learning physics.

Part of the AP curriculum is centered around an understanding of what happens in the lab environment. In an effort to make the limited time they have in school as valuable as possible for those who have chosen to do so, he has given the students that are participating in the hybrid model the opportunity to gain practical lab experience while in the lab. The students who feel that they would better understand the lab work by doing it "hands on" instead of virtually, have that choice while following safety protocols. Students who choose to engage in the lab work can always go back later that evening and go through the lesson for the day posted on Canvas as well as use the online lab simulations if needed.

Economics Providing Interactive Real Life Experiences

Students enrolled in AP Microeconomics and Academic Economics are engaged in a Stock Market game that allows them to simulate investments and learn real life financial literacy skills. Students are given $10,000 to invest, do research regarding the investment process, and justify why they are making each investment decision. Students are enrolled in the "Market Watch" game where they are able to sell and buy stocks freely until the end of the semester. They are able to see, in real time, how investments are performing, and make connections with current events from around the world. Students use this information when making decisions about their investments. One of the goals of our Economics curriculum is to provide students with as close to real life experiences when it comes to financial literacy as possible, giving students the tools to make important decisions in the future. The stock market challenge is just one way that we provide interactive learning experiences for our students.

Students Creating Individually Meaningful Artwork

Stagg’s AP Studio Art students have demonstrated innovative approaches to their work during this unusual school year. Student Ashely Colon used digital tools to develop work that tells a story. Her vision of the invention of the first robot and the evolution of robots' relationship with humans is not only an interesting story, but is beautifully conveyed in her work. Students throughout the Art department are able to create work that not only develops their understanding of concepts and corresponding skills, but is meaningful to them individually

District 230 Offers Opportunity to Earn the Seal of Biliteracy

Stagg High School, partnering with our World Language Department, is proud to offer students the opportunity to earn the State Seal of Biliteracy. This is a designation, awarded to seniors upon graduation, that celebrates a students ability to speak English and a second language fluently. Testing for the Seal of Biliteracy is open to seniors and will take place at Stagg the week of November 16th. Seniors, please check your emails for more information.

Big picture

As part of our “D230 Works” program, we present to you A Day in the Life Series.

Each month will focus on a different career pathway. In October students had the opportunity to meet virtually with three health care professionals, a Pharmacist, ER Doctor and Nurse Anesthetist. This coming month the focus is on STEM, manufacturing, and the trades. Pay attention to advisory announcements for more information about the upcoming sessions to attend during interventions as an “enrichment” opportunity.

D230 Works is a part of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) departments that include Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS), and Technology & Engineering Education (TEE).