High School Mathematics

Tools for communication, collaboration, and team work!


ClasDojo helps parents and teachers communicate and collaborate. ClassDojo allows students' information to be put in and a direct line to the students' parents. Parents can see how well their child is doing, what their child is doing in the classroom, or if there were any incidences in the classroom that day. It cuts out sending home notes and having to phone a parent every time something happens. With ClassDojo, parents and teachers are always connected.


Basecamp was not developed to be an educational tool, but it works very well in an education setting. With Basecamp, teachers can have different "Projects" one for students and one for parents. With students, a teacher can post a question as a discussion and have every student answer on one discussion string, or post homework sheets and other review materials. For parents, teachers can easily share newsletters, parental forms, and classroom updates. It also allows for easy communication between the teachers, parent, and student. Basecamp allows you to upload files, send out mass emails, start discussions, create to-do lists, and so much more.
What is Basecamp?


Trello can be used to communicate with parents or to communicate with students. Trello consists of "Boards" that you can add cards to. You can have different groups (i.e. parents, students, an IEP Team) with their own set of boards. For parents, teachers can post videos or images explaining a new concept or just communicating with parents, and parents can ask questions, read news, or see what their child is doing in the class. For students, Trello can be used in many ways. Trello can be used as a discussion post, a review guide with videos or images, or a differentiation tool. One way Trello can be used to differentiate is having each student create a "card" with their name on it. The teacher can then create boards for each group or category, and move the students' name cards around to the board that corresponds with their group. With Trello, differentiating with groups can only take a minute or so because it is so easy to move around.
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