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Lakeview Family Newsletter - October 12

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Digital Citizenship Week

Next week is Digital Citizenship Week - a topic that becomes more and more important each year. This letter explains how SM students will learn about digital citizenship in the week ahead. Developing "virtual" citizenship means demonstrating positive character online, not stealing or plagiarizing online resources, and balancing the use of time. Technology has made it possible for all of us to learn and engage in new and exciting ways. But it comes with responsibility - much like driving a car - and we need to help our children learn how to be good digital citizens. Here are a few things that help:

• Monitor your child's online activities, and don't stop monitoring just because they are getting older.

• Understand the terms of service for social media websites. The minimum age for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is 13 years old. That means no student at Lakeview should really have their own account on any of these (or other) services.

• Balance screen time with other activities. Students who spend too much time just playing video or online games think about playing video games even when they're not playing video games. It sounds strange to say that, but think about it this way: A person who loves to play basketball thinks about basketball, even when she's not playing basketball. A person who loves to play the drums thinks about playing drums, even when he's not playing drums. It's natural. But as parents and educators, we want to develop students who are "hands on" and "minds on" a variety of experiences, and that means creating digital citizens who know how to keep a balance of activities in life.

Upcoming Events

October 16 - Firefighter visit to 1st grade

October 19 - Grandparent's Day and Food Drive. Grandparents come to Lakeview from 8:30-10:00 a.m. for this annual celebration. There are snacks, a song, and visit time in classrooms for our special relatives. If grandparents are not able to celebrate with us, perhaps you have another relative that could join us?

November 15 - mark your calendars for Lakeview Movie Evening. This is a Thursday dinner-time event. More information will follow, and students will vote on the movie in November. Thank you to our PTO for sponsoring this event!

PTO Update

The Lakeview PTO met on Thursday, October 11 in the Lakeview library. Blaise Paul, the director of business services for the school district, talked with the group and answered questions about the upcoming referendum. The PTO also discussed upcoming fundraisers, spirit wear sales, and income from the book fair and last year's color run.

The November PTO meeting will be on November 8 at 7 p.m. in the library. Please mark your calendars and join us!

Colder weather is here ...

Please be sure students have the outdoor clothing they need every day. Students go outside every day unless it is raining or colder than 10 degrees (which hopefully will not be for awhile). Weather changes quickly at this time of year - be sure your child is ready for anything.

Speaking of cold weather ...

If the Milwaukee County energy assistance program might be valuable to you, please click here for information about applying. The program provides assistance for Winter heating and electrical bills based on many factors.

School Board Appreciation Week

The week of October 7-13 has been school board appreciation week. Our school board in South Milwaukee is so supportive of student growth and achievement. We thank them for their work! The next school board meeting is on Wednesday, October 17.

Reading Routines

Here's a document to support the development of reading routines at home, along with some book suggestions to get started. Start these habits early for later success.

Annual Notices for October

Throughout the year, the school district provides required annual notices to families. You may read these notices by clicking this link. You may also view them or pick up a copy in the office at Lakeview. October's topics include annual notices on asbestos management, educational options, and student bullying.

Information on the Upcoming Referendum

VOTE November 6!

Investing in our Future: Safe, Strong, Successful

Find answers to frequently asked questions, including the estimated tax impact, at