Kendra Spencer

All about me

My hobbies

I like softball and track

I like basketball

I also like hanging out with my friends

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I am fun and funny but smart at the same time.I'm also awesome.

My friends

There is Allie,Breana,and Shayleen

My family

There is my mom,Valerie,my dad,Kenneth,my brother,Caleb,my cat,Panther,my dog,Gracie.


Chicken nuggets and my grandmas mash potatoes

My drink is sweet tea

My sports are track,softball,and basketball

My animal is turtle

My holiday is christmas

My season is summer so i can go camping

rating of my awesomeness



I go camping at my cousins in the woods. I love camping me and my family go like every weekend

My birthday

My birthday is in july and that makes me lucky because i can go outside and I can have a pool party. YAAAY.


Allie is one of my best friends. She is goofy,funny,and awesome.Her rating of her awesomeness is 1,000,000,000. ;) .


Breana is my other best friend she is funny,and she is always there for me when I need her. The only thing is she doesn't pay attention. The other day I stayed the night and we baked cookies and she wasn't paying attention and she burned her arm.Her rating of her awesomeness is 1,000,000,000. ;o .

grrrrrrrr.......... Zzzzzzzz. Mondays.

Me and my friends don't like mondays but we try to cheer each other up.
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Lunch time with Allie,Breana,and I.

  1. We laugh the whole time
  2. We always have fun
  3. Allie and I always steal breana's food because she packs her lunch
  4. Breana always steals Allie's food but she knows not to steal mine because I will be mad at her for a day and give her the dramatic hair flip

The group

Allie is the fun goofy one

Breana is the one that holds the group together

I am Kendra,the smart one that knows how to have fun

The birthday chain

My mom's birthday is on the 14th on january.

My dad's is on the 15th of august.

My Birthday is on the 16th of july

The best friends in the world

So I am so happy I have Bre And coco puffs/Allie.