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Friday, November 17th, 2017

Feast of Favorites

We are going to have a great feast a Monday! It's still not too late to contribute! Thank you very much in advance for your support and generosity. We are planning to eat around noon in case you'd like to drop something off.

Team T-Shirts

Please help your child remember to wear his/her yellow t-shirt on Monday!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ It's been an exciting time in math! We reviewed the first CML of the year. You'll find your child's competition in his/her Friday folder. You'll notice that corrections have been made and stapled to the original paper. The students also had their first experience with Math Olympiad. That will come home in the next Friday folder. While we will continue to practice multiplication for the remainder of the year we are moving on to division. We'll end the unit in the coming weeks with factors, multiples, prime numbers, and composite numbers. All Exit Ticket corrections (all that have been returned as of 11/17) are due to me by Tuesday, November 21st. It's report card time and final grades need to be calculated.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have been plugging along in our multiplication and division module. The past two weeks we have covered area and perimeter, multiplication using the place value chart, and we learned three algorithms for the kids to solve up to 4 digit by 1 digit multiplication problems. I stress to the kids that they can choose whatever method they find easier to use. The only time they have to choose one over the other is if a test or quiz asks them to show the answer using a particular algorithm. When we return from the break I will introduce a math fact website that I will ask the kids to practice at home. The name of the site is xtramath. I will send home details with the kids on how to get started using the program. My students have had success in the past using this program and I hope that it will help your child too.

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ We have practiced multiplying 2, 3 and 4-digit numbers by 1- digit. The students learned the standard algorithm very quickly and are doing great with it. We have spent the last two days solving multi-step word problems. Next week and the week following break, we will be be multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. Again the children will learn a few different methods and will be allowed to choose the one that works best for them. Keep studying those facts!

Ornament Workshop

On Monday, December 18th, we'll spend the morning making ornaments! Please use the link below to sign up if you're interested in helping that morning. We'll be crafting from 9-10:30ish! The kids will be painting and using those fine motor skills! In addition, I'm asking each child to contribute $3 towards the cost of supplies. Thank you for your continued support!


PAWS ~ Well, we made it! The first assignment is in the books! I will grade the #1 and return it on Tuesday. The next task will be assigned on Monday, November 27th and will be due Friday, December 1st.

Picture Book Friday ~ Friday, December 1st will be our first Picture Book Friday. On Tuesday, I'll choose someone to get us started. That student will select a picture book, either from home or our library, and practice it all week to finally read it to the class on Friday. The kids will really enjoy this.

Unit Assessments ~ Both, mid-unit and end of unit, assessments are in Friday Folders. These assessments are tough for the beginning of 4th grade and really challenge the kids to apply many strategies. I tried to make as many comments as possible to let the kids know what they were missing if they didn't earn full credit.

Report Cards

The first report card of the year will be handed out at your child's conference. If a parent does not make a conference, the report card will be sent home on Friday, December 8th.


All projects have been graded and rubrics have been stuffed in Friday Folders. Longhouses will be on display throughout parent conferences so you'll have a chance to check out the masterpieces in person!

Important Dates

November 20 ~ Feast of Favorites

November 22-24 ~ Thanksgiving Break, No School

November 27 ~ Evening Parent Conferences

December 1 ~ Early Release, Parent Conferences

December 7 ~ Evening Parent Conferences

December 8 ~ Early Release, Parent Conferences

December 18 ~ Ornament Workshop

December 25 - January 1 ~ Christmas Break, No School

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