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About This Project

This project wants to start a new website that provides news that isn't so dark and depressing. The person who wants to create this (Tommy Leonard), wants to provide news that is happy and can make you smile. However, this news isn't real it is all fictional but still amusing anyway! Tommy hopes to have his project pledged by Sat, Apr 30 2016.


The amount of money needed for this project is $1,980. So far there is only one person supporting his project and they have donated $150. Tommy currently has only 26 days left for his kickstarter to become a success.
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The Image above shows what the money from his kickstarter will be used for.

Bio Of Tommy Leonard

Tommy Leonard is a full grown adult that currently lives in Alliance, Ohio. He claims that he is very creative and that he has studied a lot of material. He currently only has one kickstarter that is the website stated on this flyer. He has also backed two kickstarters one for a children's book against anti-bullying, and a documentary exploring the terrors of human trafficking in Seoul, South Korea.

Author Of This Flyer

Harley Green