Jolie McClellan


                                    Jolie McClellan is my name. My parents names are Joe and Kim McClellan. I have one little brother Jaden, he is 8 years old, whereas I am 11 years old. Our families pets consist of 3 horses Buck, Hooch, and Rock we have one dog, Cash, my American bulldog and two hermit crabs Louis and Harley.The sport I play is volleyball my dad is my coach. The thing I like to do when I have free time I like to walk my dog. Favorite color is aqua blue and favorite food is pasta. I have a trip that I am going to soon and I plan to raise 3,000 dollars although I have only raised 601 dollars I think I may reach my goal. My nick-name is often used by my family and friends. My nick-name is Jo-Jo. So I am glad that you are now informed about Jo-Jo, Jolie Mae McClellan!