The First Artificial Earth Satellite

What Was Sputnik?

The Sputnik was created by the Soviet Union and was similar to a sphere that was 184.3 pounds.It was launched on October 4,1957 and had connection for 22 days.But, sad to say, it burned up in the atmosphere on January 4,1958.

Facts About Sputnik

  • Sputnik was created by a Russian team led by a scientist named Sergei Korolev.
  • "Sputnik" means "co-traveler" in Russian.
  • Was the first artificial satellite.
  • Orbited the Earth 1,440 times.

How Sputnik Impacted the World

After Sputnik was successfully launched into space, many people realized what they were capable of doing.Of course now going into space, not many people are shocked or surprised that it is successfully launched because we have grown for then and have become more experienced.If Sputnik was never launched, people would not be capable of this much growth in technology.