Young Turks Revolution

by Diego Rodriguez

Who revolted?

The committee of the union and progress went against the ottoman empire.These two groups had the same type of ides but their cultures is what drove them away.

why did they revolt?

The young turks revolted because they wanted to solve the empires problems they had.Some of the problems were economic reform,tax reform, and trying to stop the empire from disintegration.They opted multi ethnic understanding of ottoman space also what they fought for is "fighting for the modernization and strengthening of the Empire, under Western constitutional principles, and these included the equality of all races"

how did they organize?

The young turks organized by doing 2 meeting in 1902 and in 1907 by two congresses. Their leaders were Ahmed Riza, Sabahheddin Bey, Khachatur Maloumian and the second meeting was hosted in Paris France.Their plan was to unite all the party's including the young Turks so they could advance in the process of the revolution.

how did the people overthrow the goverment?

The revolution started by the by the 3rd army corps.In July 3,1908 200 followers headed to the capital to demand a restoration in the constitution.They had the army on their side because they didn't want to fight the general population.On July 6 the committee of Union issiued a revolutionary proclamation.

How did the government respond?

The government tried to suppress the movement on July 3,1908 but they failed because the popularity of the movement and the troops.Also rebellion spread rapidly so the population kept on growing and really became unstoppable.On July 24 Abdul Hamid announced a restoration on the constitution.

How was the goverment the same or different following the revolution?

They held sultan elections on December 17 and the C.U.P won but they struggled because they had to take control of the city because there was no stability yet after the revolution.Abdul Hamid was forced to abdicated in april 27,1909 and was replaced by Mehmed V. After his death he was the last sultant to rule.