Black Power

By: Jae-Hoon Choi

The Movement Begins

The slogan "Black Power" became popular in the late 1960's. It was first used by Carmichael in June 1966 during a civil rights march in Mississippi.

During the height of the civil rights movement, some blacks claimed that it was almost impossible to change white racial attitudes.

They saw the movement as meaningless and urged blacks to live apart from whites and in some cases to use violence to preserve their rights.

Some groups promoted these ideas included the black Muslims and the black panthers and members of the black power movement.

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Information of the Protest

At first the party favored violent revolution as the only way to end police actions that many blacks considered brutal and to provide opportunities for blacks in jobs and other areas.

During the 1950's-1960's Malcolm X wanted to unite black people throughout the world. HE was assassinated in 1965 after forming a new organization to pursue his goal.

The Black Muslims had been led since 1934 by Elijah Muhammad, who called whites "devils." He also criticized racial interrogation and urged formation of an all black nation within the US.

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Conflicts Between The People

When President Lyndon Johnson opened up opportunities for blacks to go to school and get jobs the world changed in a blink of an eye.

After this incident and the civil war since the blacks are now allowed to go to school and get jobs blacks families rose into middle and upper middle classes.

Many Blacks continued to face difficult social and economic challenges. In 1922 four white police officers were acquitted in the beating of Rodney King, an African American motorist, in Los Angeles.

After the acquittal, the city erupted in riots in which more than 50 people were killed. Smaller riots broke out in other U.S. cities.

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Beliefs as Blacks

The Blacks got their point across by protesting about blacks going to school and getting jobs.

When the Black Panther Movement started they wanted to make a speech about blacks getting jobs and getting education and when they did riots happened with whites and at least 200 blacks got injured or died.

So this means that they would do anything to get there freedom because they are tired of being nothing and not being respected.