Johann Sebastian Bach's Life

Jamie Chapman

Bach's Childhood

Bach was born march 21, 1685 in Eisenach, Germany. He was very devoted to his family. He attended a religious instructional school and studied Latin and other subjects. His father worked as a musician, so did many of his other family members, so he also took on this role. When Bach turned 10, he lost his father and he found himself as an orphan. His brother took him in and let Johann live with him.

Who Did He Work For?

His first real job was in Arnstadt as an organist. He gave musical instructions and played for special events. His students didn't like him very much so he left without gving anyone notice to work for a job in Mühlhausen at the new church named St. Blaise. After a year there, He went to go work for royalty with the Duke Wilhelm Ernst in Weimar.The Duke liked his music very much but when he got married his wife didn't like his music so Bach went to go work with Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Cöthen.After this Bach started to become disabled.

3 interesting facts about Bach's life : 1.) In 1706 he married his cousin and had 7 children with Maria Barbara Bach but she died 14 years later. 2.) He the married Anna Wülcken and had 13 more children but he started suffering with is eyesight and had performed surgery on is eye but it caused him to go completely blind. 3.) He died from a stroke later that year.

Most famous pieces composed are "Toccata & Fugue in D Minor," "jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," and "actus Tragicus."

More Facts and Opionions

Johann Sebastian Bach dies July 28, 1750 in Leipzig. The cause of death was a stroke. I think that this composer if famous today because people still enjoy his kind of music and his style of writing was different than other peoples. He was unique, even though he was a little crazy.