Greetings everybody!

Welcome to the Sensation and Perception class!

My name is Dr. Malgorzata Ilkowska and I will be your instructor for the next six weeks of this class. I am happy to have you on board! I would like to invite you on an interesting journey where you will learn about how we sense and perceive the world around us. How are we able to hear our name in a crowd when we are not even prepared for listening to it? Why it does not happen to other sounds surrounding us? Why are we prone to visual illusions? How visual illusions are possible? Why is it so important for us to be able to feel pain when injured? How our senses and perception of the world develop? We will look at what research can offer us in answering to these and other questions. You will learn how sensation and perception can be studied, how people have learned about our senses throughout the ages and, thanks to the latest progress in technology, we will be able to look inside the brain to determine how our brain processes, integrates and makes sense of the signals that are gathered via our sensory organs. Throughout the semester, we will look in detail at each of the senses. You will learn about sensory systems, fundamental perceptual processing, brain pathways, higher-level processing of meaning and integration of features, and what happens when any of these processes do not work properly (pathology, illusions) for any given sense. Enjoy the journey!

How do we get started?

You will find information on how to contact me in the “ Faculty Information” tab on the left side in the main course menu. Please familiarize yourself with how to get in touch with me.

Your classmates and I would like to get to know you! Please create and post an introduction on the main discussion board. Choose “ Discussion Board” from the main menu; then click on “ INTRODUCTIONS” thread, click Reply in order to write your introduction and post it. You will also see a second thread titled “ Read important information”. Please respond to this thread and acknowledge that you have familiarized yourself with the course policy and participation expectations. You can also post there any questions related to this thread's topic.

You will find the Syllabus for this class under the “Course Information” tab. I highly recommend to print a copy of your Syllabus for a reference throughout the course. In addition, you will find there our Course Schedule, course objectives and all you need to know about Late Assignment Policy. Note that assignments posted after the deadline will not earn points. You will also find there a reference to the Course Help Desk in case you have any technical problems. I would encourage to print out that page as well, to have a copy of this information in a non-electronic version.


Each Seminar starts on a Thursday and lasts till Wednesday of the following week at 11:59pm. Each week we will start off with a new set of work outlined in Seminars that will be posted at the start of each week every Thursday. You will find this information under “Seminars” tab on the left side menu. Each Seminar will be numbered accordingly to the week of the course. To review information about Seminar 1, click the Seminar 1 folder. You will find there information about what we will discuss and you will be able to access your assignments for the first week of class. Make sure you submit your assignments to the correct location within the Seminar so that your work will be graded.

Announcements tab: You will find there important information and updates for each week. Remember to check often.

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“Ask Maggie: Virtual office” thread on the Discussion Board: You will find there a few tips and announcements about the class organization and other important elements. This forum will be updated as needed. You can post there general questions about the course. I suggest you subscribe to this thread to be alerted whenever a new content is posted either by students or by me.

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Finally, remember to comply to the rules of Baker's policy as well as the rules of netiquette in our classroom. If you have a question, just ask either on the “Ask Maggie: Virtual Office” thread (seen by everybody in our class) or individually via PFG as soon as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions! Welcome!

Dr. Malgorzata Ilkowska